The returning of “Babe” is the ultimate power of all time. He came back with his sexier body to spur the maximum volume of the heat in this summer. Let’s him spoil you with his six-pack, let’s him entertain you with his full doughty sinews in the concept of boyish macho, don’t waste any single seconds so sit back and relax with our Babe in this extraordinary issue.

This is a new Thai magazine. There are too many male model magazines in Thailand. If you want to get a piece of tea, an endless collection of photobooks will come out like an ant. The protagonist of this issue is still a familiar face of a Thai model. It is baby.

There are also many more photo albums in his blog. He is good at searching keywords using search. There are many free ones. As follows: Babe all photobooks How do you say, baby is a more sexy boy, but various magazines take pictures of him differently, some look good and some ugly, obviously the same person. However, Bebe's photo collection is the largest of all Thai photographs. How large is it? you guess!